Dev Tracker - Work in progress, more to come!

CyclesMcHurtz commented on at 02:55 - 17/02/2015
Small patches like this are just crash fixes and other QoL (Quality of Life) changes like a fix for some of the loading screen issues. Worked on it for a little while yesterday and just forgot to push out patch notes, sorry about that.
SOE_Legion commented on at 02:15 - 17/02/2015
I'll make sure we look into this guy right away.Thanks!
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jimmywhis Tweeted at 19:34 - 16/02/2015
I'm live (Playing mostly Quake/CSGO today)
jimmywhis Tweeted at 19:26 - 16/02/2015
I'll be live in 5 minutes, breaking bad habits today in FPS. I wanna be able to frag again.
H1Z1game Tweeted at 17:25 - 16/02/2015
RT @BattleRoyaleMod: u/pxsalmers found something in the hills...
CyclesMcHurtz commented on at 13:59 - 16/02/2015
Remember that we intend to have horde and pack behaviors as well, and should be turning these things on over the next week or so.
CyclesMcHurtz commented on at 13:43 - 16/02/2015
Dammit Lenny ... or should I blame Clegg this time?
CyclesMcHurtz commented on at 12:33 - 16/02/2015
We don't discuss specifics, but understand that we're watching and adjusting much more than we say.
CyclesMcHurtz commented on at 12:23 - 16/02/2015
We're always around, watching, adjusting, working.
Arclegger Tweeted at 05:42 - 16/02/2015
Spartacus is back on @netflix! All is right in the world! I finally get to finish Season 1 and then go on a Spartacus binge!
SOE_Legion commented on at 02:13 - 16/02/2015
We posted about it here. We came up with the date of the 15th before all the changes at the company as well. We are still very dedicated to the Roadmap. We just need to prioitize the hacking and loot issues first but rest assured we are working on the roadmap right now and it should be ready to talk about in the next few weeks.

Robertsmania Tweeted at 23:02 - 15/02/2015
RT @H1Z1game: The #H1Z1 team will be doing a live Q&A at 11AM on Tuesday 2/17. Get your questions ready!
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RT @H1Z1game: The #H1Z1 team will be doing a live Q&A at 11AM on Tuesday 2/17. Get your questions ready!
H1Z1game Tweeted at 22:30 - 15/02/2015
The #H1Z1 team will be doing a live Q&A at 11AM on Tuesday 2/17. Get your questions ready!
greghenninger Tweeted at 17:09 - 15/02/2015
The best way to get someone's attention and start a meaningful conversation is to swear at them in all caps. Works every time!
H1Z1game Tweeted at 06:06 - 15/02/2015
Your Community Manager @greghenninger is on the Aftermath server! Look for Legion and you could win a prize.
SOE_Legion posted at 01:32 - 15/02/2015
We've been fighting against a DDOS for some time now. The servers should be up and running soon. Just in time for some Valentine's day zombie slaying :)
SonyShock Tweeted at 23:29 - 14/02/2015
Structured Stairs recipe is fucking broken! just lost 8 scrap metal trying to create it. who is in charge of this? #uarefiredm8 @h1z1game
SonyShock Tweeted at 20:43 - 14/02/2015
that first tweet yo. whoop whoop!
SonyShock Tweeted at 20:25 - 14/02/2015
RPS next interview gonna be @j_smedley ? RPS: what do you feel about working for Putin's inner ring?
j_smedley Tweeted at 17:10 - 14/02/2015
Sorry folks. DDOS. Being worked on.
Greetings, Survivors!

It’s been a busy and exciting time for the H1Z1 team since we launched EA a few weeks ago. As many of you are likely aware, our team underwent some staffing changes this week. We want to assure you all, this wasn’t an uncalculated change. We just weren’t in a position to share this information with the community until the details were in place. Given the nature of these circumstances, we realize this has triggered a great amount of speculation regarding the future of H1Z1, but let us reassure you that we are continuing to forge down the same path we have always been on with this game.

So, what exactly has changed? Absolutely nothing. We’re properly staffed to move forward with our current development strategy. We’ll continue to be a transparent development team and we’ll continue on our promise and commitment to making this a player driven game. You, the players are ultimately steering this ship based on your involvement and feedback.

Right now, our primary focus is to stabilize the current iteration of H1Z1. Once we’ve ironed out the larger issues and overall stability, we’ll move on to our next phase which includes the rollout of our development Roadmap. Based on a simple voting system, your feedback and participation will have a direct impact on the future of new and expanded features in H1Z1.
On the visual side of things, we have some really cool stuff in the works. A revised male player model with more customization options, as well as a female character model! Player Studio integration is also on the horizon for those of you with the chops to make killer art. And, some more emotes that really make the role playing fun!

We, the dev team, appreciate your support and understanding in this matter. The H1Z1 community is one of the most passionate groups of players we’ve ever had and it shows with all the positive vibes you’re sending across social networks. We thank you all for this!

We’ll be hosting a livestream on [Twitch]( next Tuesday, February 17th at 11:00 a.m. PT. Just like our previous stream, it will be a large group Q&A. This will give you the opportunity to ask us your burning questions about H1Z1.

Now get back to the Apocalypse and fight the good fight!

The H1Z1 Team
whisenhunt commented on at 08:50 - 14/02/2015
Oh I know! I didn't take it that way at all :D

Sometimes I can be a little 'prickly' via text, I should use more emoticons >:0

I have already upped the damage to be ~80 per headshot on the 1911 and it may go back to 100, we'll see what happens after this next patch that includes my changes. Hopefully early next week.
whisenhunt commented on at 08:48 - 14/02/2015
That's exactly our approach in design. The closer data starts matching feedback, the closer we are to understanding the impact of our changes in the grand scheme of things.
whisenhunt commented on at 08:40 - 14/02/2015
One thing at a time, sweeping changes quickly become difficult to track in data. You lose most hope of trying to correlate specific changes to the right data if you change multiple variables on different ends of mechanics at the same time.
whisenhunt commented on at 08:34 - 14/02/2015
That's the goal.

As far as dodging a .45... I'd chalk that up to people not aiming or controlling shots, not dodging a 251 m/s projectile.
whisenhunt commented on at 08:23 - 14/02/2015
You need to keep in mind that my played time happens on and off my personal steam account. Those hours logged are only at home with a few tests done while servers are locked after patches.

If you don't feel that a 1911 trumps a bow in its current state, I would be more than willing to give you unlimited arrows vs. 7 .45 bullets at any distance you pick 100 times to get proper statistics.

Beyond that, we only have a .45 in game now. We do not have a .22, 9mm or .38 to test with right now. This is early development and we can't let expectations set in real life stand in the way of testing changes in mechanics.

EDIT: I am very familiar with weaponry, it's history, how it works, where it came from and how effective it is in real life. That doesn't change the fact that we are making a game, a game that is in early stages of development that will need to be tuned regularly to try out new things.
arclegger commented on at 08:01 - 14/02/2015
In b4 afk accusations
arclegger commented on at 07:17 - 14/02/2015
shaql, you can't leave, you're not allowed to leave :( You are probably one of the best community members any dev team could ever have. Your dedication to our games was unrivaled. I really hope you come back one day, I will still talk to you on twitter, you better not leave me.
SOE_Legion commented on at 04:41 - 14/02/2015
This is awesome!
SOE_Legion commented on at 10:43 - 12/02/2015
"Passively equipped items (ie, weapons not currently in your hands), will now appear on the character."

That was a typo and is not in this patch, apologies. It will be coming but needs more polish time.
SOE_Legion posted at 10:28 - 12/02/2015
Servers will go down at 3AM PST for approximately 2 hours

**Release Notes** **12/02/2015**

**Weapon Changes**


* Lowered Hip Fire & Iron Sight horizontal recoil.

* Lowered damage.

* Improved overall consistency while firing.


* Increased Hip Fire recoil.


* Lowered damage per pellet.

* Lowered horizontal recoil.

* Lowered pellet count.

* Slightly increased fire rate.

* Adjusted pellet spread.

* Decreased pellet speed.

* Increased pellet weight.

* Decreased amount of bleeding caused when hit by shotgun.


* Updated Steam API to fix some crashes.

* Items that had the same placed and dropped item (like landmines) now have a different dropped item. You shouldn’t be able to accidentally drop them and blow yourself up anymore.

* Lighting has been given a significant overhaul, it should now look better in almost all circumstances. We’re not done yet, but this change should address any lighting problems that effect game play. You will most likely find some lighting artifacts(bright objects or strange glittering effects). We are aware and will address these as they come up. Feel free to report these.

* Fixed a bug in spawned item accounting that decreased spawn rate over time

* Objects will retain their orientation during placement mode when they change what surface they are being placed on.

* Free placed objects (ie, campfires, furnaces, animal traps, etc) cannot be stacked on top of each other.

* All placed objects can no longer collide with other objects, including player placed objects and static designer placed objects. This means that foundations cannot interpenetrate with other foundations, shacks, buildings, vehicles, roads, or anything else. Free placed objects also can’t interpenetrate with the same objects, excluding the object they are being placed on (ie, still be placed on a road, but not when colliding with a destroyed car).

* Fixed a bug with socket bound placement objects (ie, stairs on a foundation, barricade on a window, or anything that snaps to a fixed position) that allowed multiple of these objects to interpenetrate each other (a common case was stairs overlapping stairs).

* Cannot place free-placed objects on rocks and tree stumps

* Key bindings can now be re-mapped. After selecting an action, press the key to map to that action. Pressing [Esc] will cancel the key bind. Holding [Esc] will clear the currently mapped key. Users cannot bind a key to multiple actions in the same action set. Also added a button to reset all key bindings to default.

* Collision resist values adjusted for the vehicles to reduce the damage taken from impacts, particularly when landing hard on the suspension and wheels.

* Lighting system updated.

* All weather and light sources adjusted with new lighting values. Please report any strange behavior (i.e. flashlights too bright).

**Battle Royale**

**[IMPORTANT]** *When the match ends, if you don't exit the match quickly, your game client may end up in an unconnected state. We're fixing this for the next update.*

* Vehicle Spawn Counts set to be consistent with survival.

* End screen now shows your rank and your rewards.

* Map now displays a “safe zone” ring.

* Revamped fog movement phases.

* Adjusted rewards to more align with our final payouts (Excessive payouts previously were for testing purposes, BR is still not ready for the consumption of event tickets and will continue to get updates, thanks for helping us test and polish BR so far!)

* Removed crate keys from rewards

* Removed crates from 2nd-4th (1st place will still earn a crate along with all other current awards)

* Lowered the amount of tickets awarded for 1st-4th

**1st** 2 tickets

**2nd** 1 ticket

**3rd** 1 ticket

**4th** 1 ticket

* Added an Event Ticket reward for 9th-12th

* Keep in mind these rewards are based on a 48-64 player max BR, the 200 man BR will have a different set of rewards.

Countdown Timer:
Hey everyone

Today is a rough day for us here at Daybreak. We are saying goodbye to some incredible friends. I want to reassure everyone that H1Z1 is still on track. We have a great team who is going to make sure that H1Z1 succeeds and thrives. Right now getting rid of the hackers is our highest priority. The changes today will not affect our resolve to rid the game of them. I just ask everyone to keep your heads up. H1Z1 isn’t going anywhere.

You can read our official statement but I wanted to let you all know in person that the game we all love is going to live on. This isn't a time for doom and gloom.

[Official statement here](
Kalyper Tweeted at 02:18 - 12/02/2015
I would love to work on a Monster Hunter style game. Hype! #MonsterHunter4Ultimate
arclegger commented on at 01:51 - 12/02/2015
I love Louis C.K.
SOE_Legion commented on at 01:37 - 12/02/2015
I was waiting for someone to discover this...
Kalyper Tweeted at 20:53 - 11/02/2015
It's a sad day today and good people were let go. They need jobs if anyone can help. I'm still on the team.
arclegger commented on at 14:28 - 11/02/2015
I worked on Planetside 2 for 3 years and the entire time I was part of the community, playing the game with fans, fixing bugs on the spot and making sure I did whatever I could to make the game better. You can ask /u/shaql and /u/royawesome to back up my statement.
SOE_Legion posted at 02:47 - 11/02/2015
Kalyper Tweeted at 00:21 - 11/02/2015
Preview of the Framed Backpack model. Thanks @3DZimmerman !
Kalyper Tweeted at 17:53 - 10/02/2015
We're trying to identify the issue with loot not respawning after long periods. Hang in there, folks! We're on it!
arclegger commented on at 09:38 - 10/02/2015
These are pretty awesome Beeshke! Subscribed!

I hope you become the hearthstone trolden version of our game ;)
SOE_Legion posted at 02:10 - 10/02/2015
The servers will be coming down at 3AM PST for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

The backpack frame recipe now requires wood sticks, nails, and metal brackets.

The framed backpack recipe now requires a backpack frame, a spool of twine, and eight pieces of cloth.

The spool of twine rate of appearance has been slightly increased.

Applying an account item to an inventory item no longer resets durability.

Dropping an item from an inspected container now places the dropped item at the players feet, not the origin of the items container.

Fixed durability not being attached to projectiles - thrown spears should now be the same durability as when they were your inventory

Fixed drop spear dupe -you should no longer be able to drop thrown weapons and have them dupe

Adjustments to "heat" generated while crouched. This will allow players to more effectively sneak around zombies.

Exiting from a flipped vehicle should no longer send you below the world.

Vehicles that fall through the world Should now reappear above the world after a small amount of time

Added a ‘ForceSingleGPU’ option to the [Rendering] section of UserOptions.ini. Adding this option set to 1 will disable the games code adjustments applied when it detects you have more than one GPU active (SLI or Crossfire). This may help some users that are having issues get the game running better without needing to disable their SLI/Crossfire setups.

Countdown Timer to patch:
Kalyper Tweeted at 16:58 - 07/02/2015
Just realized today is Saturday. I could've sworn it was Friday.
j_smedley commented on at 19:06 - 02/02/2015
This only means great things for H1Z1. It means now, in addition to PS4 we want to bring it to H1Z1 (after we finish the PC version btw).

In terms of it all of a sudden meaning we're jamming every possible microtransaction in the game.. no. That's not happening. There literally are zero changes to our day to day

whisenhunt posted at 19:10 - 28/01/2015
sonyshock commented on at 00:19 - 24/01/2015
Well I didn't wan't to say 'Fixed" just yet, based on track record :)
Hello Everyone,

First off, sorry about the extended downtime yesterday. Long story short we ended up with 2 bugs that we had to actually physically work through with zero options for reverting the servers without significant more work as a result. Usually if a patch has issues we can quickly revert. Yesterday we were just in a situation where that wasn't a viable option.

Big priorities right now

1) Bringing up 200 EU servers. Will be happening throughout the day today and into the night.

2) More Zombies and smarter zombies - this is a huge priority. We're working hard on the server frame rate which is the underlying issue we're working on.

3) Tons of bug fixes - please use this thread to help us prioritize the big stuff to stomp on today.


Hey survivors,

For those of you that are new to this subreddit and/or the game, my name is Jimmy Whisenhunt. I'm the combat designer on H1Z1 and as of this upcoming patch (1/20/15) we have enabled headshot multipliers on melee weapons and rebalanced damage for most melee combat.

The damage itself hasn't been a huge tweak, but the headshot multiplier is a pretty massive game play change. It has been tested and feels great in a smaller environment here at the office but I want to have a central place for feedback.

We will be watching the data, the streams, twitter and everywhere else, but this is the place to give some more detailed feedback based on your experience.

You can tweet me directly over at [@JimmyWhis]( and a big thanks to one of our engineers David Avram (Twitter: [@Dave1z1]( for working his butt off to find a bug in the melee headshot code that allowed us to push this out sooner than expected.

Thanks and *swing carefully*!

**EDIT: Please keep this thread focused on the melee changes that I mentioned. I want to watch this closely and we're excited to see the feedback.**
whisenhunt posted at 09:31 - 19/01/2015
j_smedley commented on at 17:39 - 18/01/2015
thanks for pointing this out. Will be addressed immediately and this is absolutely an exploit and will be dealt with as such. Use at your own peril.

1) Floating Arrows - yeah they are annoying as heck.
2) Further analysis and improvements for server frame rate
3) Buffing shelter doors.
4) Sorting servers by population
5) Properly refreshing server list. (also thinking about a button for it)

This is meant to be kind of a starter list. The team is off today. The game is stable and the team needs a breather. Tomorrow is a holiday for SOE but we're going to be in here anyways because we want to address these issues. Please add any immediate fix stuff here and we'll try and get it in. Again, your help with self policing threads and getting a positive community going is requested. We're only trying to focus on the stuff we all feel is important. Please help us with focusing on what we need to.


j_smedley posted at 06:46 - 18/01/2015
In this thread we would like to ask for features you want us to add right away that you feel are super important.

This is going to be the start of an ongoing dialogue. your help is both needed and asked for. The more constructive and on-target these threads are the better for our community. So please keep that in mind. We're going to engage with the constructive people and threads.

I can sum it up by saying - this is YOUR community first and foremost. Decide how you want it to be.

It would be helpful to us to see a feedback thread that focuses on the change we made versus having the feature at all. We hear the viewpoint that they should not be in the game and respectfully disagree.

So how did this change do? Are they in a good place contention wise and not dropping the guns nearly as often (plus not dropping the AR15 ever)
j_smedley commented on at 23:14 - 17/01/2015
it's simply not finished yet which is why we aren't charging tickets yet. It's fun as heck when everything works. I hope we're right too, but I'm pretty sure when it's fun people will enjoy it a lot.
1) Loot - more of it.
2) Hunger / Thirst - slower drain rate.
3) Server frame rates - still an issue and we're working hard on it.
4) G29 issue - our platform team thinks they have a fix for the rest of these incoming.
5) Numerous battle royale fixes (note we are not deducting tickets right now and won't tell we're happy with it).

Patch later in the day / Early evening (sorry for the bad patch times but we feel it's better to do it fast this first week at the expense of better patching times.. mostly because better patching times means late night and our developers are already pulling 18 hour days.).

CyclesMcHurtz posted at 11:38 - 17/01/2015
It's been a long day, but we've got some changes to note:

* Made adjustments to servers to better balance load
* Fixes for some server disconnections
* Improvements to overall connections (G29 and G99 errors)
* Adjustments to game exit-to-desktop when disconnected (still tracking down more)
* Improvements to server selection screen
* Adjustments to loot spawning in both regular and Battle Royale maps
* Adjustments and performance adjustments to weather system
* Fixed a few servers that were set to the wrong modes
* You should no longer be able to cause bleeding on other players in the PvE servers
* Reduced some timers for crafting
* Performance adjustments for weather effects
* Also, see /u/arclegger post
* Various other super-secret stability mojo

There's probably more, but it is late and ... well, good luck and HAVE FUN!

Feel free to report some of the top issues on the tracker, or in this thread if you feel like it.

Also, remember the unsung heroes of network operations! They may not be in the game credits, but they're just as important in keeping things running!

Also, I may be rambling. Maybe. I think I am. I'm going to bed.

EDIT1: G28 means we're in doing some sanity checks before we unleash the masses ... er, let everyone in.

EDIT2: You folks are beating down the ~~server~~ door! SETTLE DOWN PEOPLE! :)
Hey guys, first I want to say thank you to all of you, even the ones that are very upset with us. We have received an overwhelming amount of support and feedback from everyone and the dev team is all working hard on all of the current issues and I appreciate your patience as we try to get H1Z1 up and running smoothly. We are a little over 24 hours in and it has been and absolute roller coaster.

2nd I wanted to address what I said in an earlier stream with NGTZombies prior to our release. I said you cannot buy a gun or ammo and it had to be found in the world. When you are on a stream, and you are talking about your game, you tend to talk a million miles an hour both to keep the information flowing and to keep it entertaining. But sometimes things get said without completely thinking about what you are saying 100% through. H1Z1 is a massive game with a lot of systems, some of which we were tuning every day and finishing last minute. When I said you can't buy any guns or ammo, I completely disregarded the possibility of airdrops and meant that you can't buy a gun or ammo and have it go into your starting loadout, or your loadout immediately like you were buying a gun from the gun store.

All that being said, I totally understand how what I said was at the time lying to you guys and I apologize. But please understand that's not what I was trying to do. For those of you that don't know me or understand me, know that I'm not trying to be this monster that is conniving and lying in hopes that you get tricked into buying the game. I am very passionate about making video games and I want more than anything in the world for people to love the games that I am a part of making.

The dev team loves airdrops, and in testing, every time we used one, they were highly contested where the person who actually called in the airdrop had to earn it through a gladiator style brawl. They usually weren't the one that ended up with the airdrop but no matter what, the person who called it in was satisfied with the event that they got to make happen. That event is the magic we are trying to capture with everyone. The last thing we want is it to be a boring item that someone can sneak around and quietly get to find gear without it being contested. In our opinion that is basically cheating and nobody should be able to do that.

Whether you agree with us or not, that is how we want airdrops to work. We are going to be tuning them throughout early access until we can get them to work that way, here are the first pass initial changes.

1) Make the plane move slowly (53% of current) This increases the ability for other players to react to the plane coming in.

2) Make the drop fall more slowly (80% of current) This increases the ability for other players to react to the plane coming in.

3) Less accurate maximum drop radius (was 250m now 700m, so with these settings it would drop up to 700m from the calling player)

4) New minimum distance of 250m for airdrops to appear from a player. This is a little less than ½ the player density of 700m distance with 120 players on a server. Therefore more players are likely to be near the airdrop when deployed.

5) Increase the minimum number of required players to 120 (a little higher after more discussion about player density being important to keeping airdrops contested)

**H1Z1 Airdrop Events and drop percentages**

**65% chance to call in one of these airdrops**

**The Caveman**

* Bow 1x
* Bundle of Arrows 2x
* Torch 1x
* Waist pack 1x
* 7 Zombies

**The Welder**

* Wrench 1x
* Hammer 1x
* Metal Sheets 4x
* Metal Pipes 2x
* Weapon Repair Kit 1x
* 7 Zombies

**The Medic**

* First Aid Kits 2x
* Bandages 5x
* Cloth 6x
* Purified Water 2x
* Saline 2x
* 7 Zombies

**The Demolition Man**

* IED 2x
* Lighter 1x
* Landmine 1x
* Flares 2x
* Smoke Flare 2x
* Ethonol 1x
* 7 Zombies

**The Builder**

* Nails 20x
* Furnace 1x
* Logs 4x
* Metal Bits 10x
* Scrap Metal 10x
* Wood Axe 1x
* 7 Zombies

**The Farmer**

* Tamper 10x
* Corn Seeds 10x
* Wheat Seeds 10x
* Fertilizer 10x
* Purified Water 5x
* 7 Zombies

**The Hiker**

* Motorcycle Helmet 1x
* Military Backpack 1x
* Goggles 1x
* Binoculars 1x
* Compass 1x
* 7 Zombies

**12.5 % chance to call in one of these airdrops**

**Life of the Party**

* IED 5x
* Swizzle 20x
* Moonshine 15x
* Flare 30x
* 7 Zombies

**10.0% Chance to call in this airdrop**

**The Hobo**

* Shotgun 1x
* Shells 12x
* Moonshine 2x
* Torch 1x
* Twine 1x
* Bear Sandwich 1x
* 7 Zombies

**The Lone Wolf**

* Pistol 1x
* Ammo.45 14x
* Logs 2x
* Wolf Sandwich 1x
* Animal Trap 1x
* Deer Bladder 2x
* 7 Zombies

Thank you guys for being patient with us!

j_smedley commented on at 20:57 - 16/01/2015
we're going to lay out exactly what we're doing here sometime today. I'm super happy with the update to what we're doing with Airdrops. I agree with the P2W commentary from yesterday because what we saw wasn't what we wanted it to be either. Also with regards to stuff like food, water.. right now the loot spawn problem is making the game way harder than we meant it to be. Getting food in an airdrop should be a letdown not a savior.
j_smedley commented on at 20:45 - 16/01/2015
200 incoming. We had hoped to have this squared away for the launch but had some logistics issues. Hope to have them up by Tuesday. When we fix the lag we're seeing, you should be able to play very well on US servers anyways. But either way they're coming. sorry they weren't there day 1. They should have been but we're going as fast as we can.
sonyshock commented on at 22:17 - 11/01/2015
Don't forget you can now re-position the vitals indicator also.
We unfortunately could not get the latest build to CES so we had to use a backup build, one that we knew wouldn't crash. Please make sure you all tune in to our stream event on Jan 9th from 12:00pm pst to 6pm pst and you can review the state of your game with the good ol eye test yourselves :)

8 more days till launch!
Been getting a lot of tweets asking for details on the next dev gameplay stream. I know we've already mentioned that there would be a stream before we head out for the holidays but I wanted to get a bit more specific now that we have some more details.

We've obviously had our heads down working toward our early access date and it's really paid off so we're going to stream later next week, still working out the exact time and will update you guys the moment we know more. :)

We're still working on things and we're not 'complete' but we can't wait for next week. I know you guys will be happy with what you'll see on stream and hope to see you all there.

EDIT: Make sure you guys are followed on :D
arclegger posted at 02:56 - 03/12/2014
Overlook of one of the major towns

Police Station is now a dangerous place, it has multiple floors and rooms also, this is just 1 room
arclegger posted at 22:41 - 01/10/2014
sonyshock commented on at 05:50 - 27/09/2014
I will be at the location all day Saturday if you want to chat. Come find me.
To start off the week, I just wanted to say I've read some good stuff here over the last few weeks. You folks are awesome, well except for that one guy. You know who you are. I'm watching you.
sonyshock commented on at 20:45 - 06/09/2014
Just to clarify regarding "The Shock & Frizznik Show "
That's basically Paul and I giving ourselves a silly name..It's not some "Structured" weekly episode. What we will do is: When we identify a stable build that has something unique we can share, we'll fire up "The Shock & Frizznik Show". No guaranteed weekly date. "The Show Must Go On" holds now weight for this broadcast. If stuff is broken, the show won't happen. Hope that sits well with you all! I'm off to restock beer!

sonyshock commented on at 16:20 - 06/09/2014
I have to admit, you were all a fun crowd. Next time I bring beer!
I've been reading some of the posts based on what you've been watching on the streams and I wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks.

Good, Bad, or Ugly... the feedback and comments are very helpful.
whisenhunt posted at 01:28 - 01/07/2014
CyclesMcHurtz posted at 03:54 - 13/11/2012